Create Videos In Powerpoint Tutorial


Learn How To Create Videos With Powerpoint With Vydeo Showtime

I didn’t even realise you could create videos using Powerpoint.

But you can!  Professional, awesome, animated videos, right inside Powerpoint, based on your slide deck.

Amazing use of this popular software that most people never even knew was there.

Check out how Tracey Meagher has been creating videos this way for YEARS in this video review.

She’s created a tutorial product showing you exactly how to get the most out of it, including advanced techniques such as:

  • Basic Character Creation With Shapes
  • Advanced Image Reveal Techniques
  • Create 3D Rooms & Environments
  • Working With Video In PPT
  • Kinetic Typography In PowerPoint#
  • Working With Sounds
  • Advanced Transitions & Effects
  • Easy Screen Capture For PPT
  • Advanced Motion Path Effects
  • Animated Intros With Free Graphics
  • Easy Lower Thirds
  • Advanced Text Effects

Definitely a fantastic skill to have, based around THE most popular presentation software out there.