Offline Niche Onslaught PLR

Offline Niche Onslaught
Offline Niche Onslaught

OFFLINE NICHE ONSLAUGHT is a unique and amazing multimedia product that enables you to easily acquire high paying clients by shining out above the hundreds of “me too” marketers selling services in your area. It is a unique set of cartoon and hand-drawn videos that will help offliners to:

  • Skyrocket your leads and high paying customers using the awesome power of video.
  • Instantly stand out from the “Me Too” marketers
  • Take advantage of the months of pinpoint “behind closed doors” research
  • Position yourself as an authority in your field
  • Use the amazing “story telling info-graphics” to lure your high paying leads
  • Engage clients and compel them to buy
  • Use the incredible Pulling Power of “Proven to sell” cartoon comic strips

But what do I get exactly?

  • 15 engaging story telling infographics and images
  • 16 Call To Action end caps videos
  • 5 professionally designed cartoon “Character” style scripts
  • 14 quirky images For local businesses
  • 11 large images

Worth it? Indeed! Purchase this PLR offer now!

Offline Niche Onslaught