Scratch Engine PRO

Scratch Engine Pro
Scratch Engine PRO

Scratch Engine PRO is a PLR product that taps into one of the most powerful psychological triggers known to human race.

One of the most powerful urges known to man is the urge to win! You’ve seen this happen before. Maybe you’ve even done it yourself. People go down to the 7/11, buy a scratchcard and immediately see if they’ve won. Usually, they haven’t. So they buy another. And another.

Now, it’s not like people think they’ve got a great chance of winning. They know the odds are slim. But they keep coming back, because the urge to win is very strong.

Here is what you get with this list building tool:

  • Powerful Scratch Engine PRO Plugin
    This plugin is easily installed onto any WordPress. Once installed you can begin creating scratch card campaigns instantly.
  • Full Developer’s Rights
    You get full developer’s rights today with purchase meaning you can use this powerful tool with clients too.
  • Over The Shoulder Tutorials
    Along with the plugin you will get access to our step by step setup tutorials showing you how to create your first scratch card campaign in minutes. You will be amazed to see how
    simple it is!
  • Lifetime Updates Included
    You also get FREE LIFETIME UPDATES on Scratch Engine PRO. If we add new features, or fix any bugs that may come up, you get updates for free, forever. We support all of our software with the highest priority.

Scratch Engine PRO