This software created $1600 in monthly online revenue…

This new weapon for Internet marketers is causing
quite a stir…

Product of the Day

1600 leads, or roughly $1600 per month that they
otherwise wouldn’t have had, and they did it with a tool
they made for themselves that YOU now have access to!

For years, unblockable “popups” to capture leads have
been boring and sometimes, just came with a voice that 
said “WAIT! Before You Go…” 

No offense to our friend who created that well-known 
software or his voice,  but it’s time for a change.  

Watch this and see for yourself:

Easy Web Video’s Lead Generator does exactly what the 
name implies. It easily captures leads from traffic that
would otherwise just, well… leave, goodbye, gonzo, nuthin!

The video templates that are included are exciting, motion 
videos that will catch attention, oh and did I mention the 1600
leads the EWV team got just testing this baby over the past
several months?

Words can’t do this justice, you have to see the Video
Lead Generator – in action, watch:

Have a great day,
Your Team