VideoPages is a must for marketers…

Brand new drag-and-drop, fully flexible landing page builder designed 
specifically for video, and the demo insanely incredible…

Product of the Day

About halfway down the page, you’ll see something really impressive.
You can watch a hot video squeeze page get built, in real time, in about 3 minutes.

No template. You do get templates with VideoPages, but this demo starts from complete scratch.
And that’s pretty impressive.

Now just imagine being able to do this for all your videos.

Any time you make a new video, you can create an amazing mobile-responsive landing page 
for it in just a few minutes.

In fact, because VideoPages lets you save your own designs as templates, you’ll be able 
to do it in seconds.

See for yourself why this is so amazing:

You’ll never need to compromise or spend ages hacking at a WordPress theme again.

And when people see your videos, they’ll see a pure professional presentation. 
You can stop losing your brand to YouTube. Simply put, it makes YOU look good.

Amazing stuff?

Damn right.

See it in action here:

Right now, you can get an 80% discount on the developer licence, but that deal expires 
in a couple of days.

After that… well, it gets expensive. Good value, but still expensive.

So it’s worth looking right now, while the best deal is still available.

Have a great day,
Your Team