Winning Google for Local Business

Winning Google for Local Business
Winning Google for Local Business

Winning Google for Local Business is crafted to be so simple to read and understand. The 37-page book covers the importance of appearing in search results, and how that can be achieved, domain names, the architecture of a winning website, the importance of quality content and how it brings visitors to your site, backlinking the right way, turning visitors into leads, The Mobile Revolution, using social media for local business, apps and plenty of opportunity to sell your services throughout.

What you will receive:

  1. A PDF outlining strategic ways to use the PLR Winning Google For Local Business book (Remember, this is not a book to teach you, it is a book you will give to your future customers, one that will position you as the Local guy with the know-how when it comes to web related business)
  2. A step by step training on how to turn your customised book (it will have your name, your business, your services in it) into a professional printed book that you can give away to customers and potential business clients (very impressive)
  3. The actual Word document with all of the text, pages, pictures and all that is needed to make your own lead generating giveaway
  4. Instructions on how to customise the books (specifically what pages to look at and change up) and how to out put it as a PDF that you can give away on your website, as well as upload to print at the coolest place on the planet for creating solid looking professional books with your name on!
  5. The best way to upsell, where your clients actually think that you are doing them a favour when they give you money to help them with their problems. They will feel indebted to you for not leaving them in the dark about online presence and promotion of their business.
  6. Professional graphics of the book cover to use on your website.

All worth it, right? Purchase this wonderful PLR product now!

Winning Google for Local Business